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My time with Atoll Volunteers – Sam Hawke

This week we speak to Sam Hawke, from Newcastle, Australia. Sam volunteered on the Marine and Turtle Conservation programme for 3 weeks in July 2017.

Hi Sam, so what inspired you to come volunteer with us?

Because I love the ocean and the marine life within it. I also study Marine Biology, so the experience I had with the sea turtles and coral was awesome.


We know its a tough choice, but who was your favorite turtle and why? 

My favourite turtle would have to be Donatello. He’s unique and does funny things at times that made me laugh.

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What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learnt about Naifaru/turtles/the marine programme? 

The most interesting things I learnt whilst working at the marine centre were the many fun facts and other knowledge that the staff passed on to me. I learnt a lot from all of the staff. Mainly typical behaviour and personality traits of the sea turtles I found to be the most interesting.


Which was your favorite excursion?

Any of the many snorkelling excursions. One in particular stands out, which was to a shipwreck not too far from Naifaru. It was amazing and the best snorkel I’ve ever had.

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If you had a time machine would you do anything differently? 

Probably not. Maybe extend my stay haha.


Can you sum up your experience in 3 words?

Just absolutely amazing!

Sam Hawke

Anything else to add? 

Thanks again to all of the people who made my experience awesome! Especially Zoe, Jess, Sarah, Mallika and Supriya, thank you!


And thank you to you too Sam! During your short time here you became so much more than just a volunteer, you became part of the team! Keep your eye out for more volunteer interviews over the coming months to hear first hand what it’s like as an Atoll Volunteers Volunteer!


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