The joys of volunteer work!

Wow, again it surprises me that one more month just flew by!

This month I’ve had the pleasure of an awesome group of volunteers spanning over a pre-school teacher, a medical volunteer, a marine conservation volunteer (who assisted greatly in the development of our new Coral Gardening project) and four hardworking turtle conservation volunteers.

As always, this September brought with it some great recreational activities like snorkeling, fishing and BBQs!

I’ve also had the pleasure of helping out with some great donor and Naifaru Juvenile projects, and the work here is so rewarding – it is a great feeling being part of all that Atoll Volunteers and Naifaru Juvenile accomplishes!

Our Marine Centre has seen a lot of development this month, and it is always a pleasure to visit it and our two new enthusiastic marine biologists, Cara and Jordan, and see how everything is going out there.

This month I fell ill for almost a week which forced me away from my work and fun with my fellow local and international volunteers. It did however give me the chance to experience the great care and help that the local friends I’ve made here offers in such a situation. My close friends and colleagues Kanma, Thuday and HD often checked up on me and offered me food (and fresh coconut juice!) while I lay ill in my room.

My visa expired at the end of the month and I was “unfortunately” forced to travel to Sri Lanka for a few days! Not to worry though, I had a great time there, and I exploited the time sightseeing in this charming little country.

Once more, I can’t wait to see what the coming month has to bring – and as always, I look forward to share my next adventures with you soon!

– Morten Lykke Olesen, Volunteer Coordinator

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