Here you can find testimonials straight from the horses, (or should we say turtles!) mouth. Previous volunteers share their favourite moments from their time at Atoll Volunteers, and how their experiences in Naifaru have changed their perspectives on the world we live!
Natalie Sjosvard (UK) - Music Teacher

Natalie Sjosvard (UK) – Music Teacher

Naifaru and Atoll Volunteers will forever have a special place in my heart; the life here is full of such rich culture and has left me with an experience I will never forget. I spent 4 weeks in Naifaru developing my skills and love for music by teaching the community in various music teaching avenues, […]

Sikander Bagwa (India) - Turtle Conservation

Sikander Bagwa (India) – Turtle Conservation

Expect the unexpected they said and that’s what I did and what I got was way more than I’d have ever expected. Straight from my pre departure guidance till reaching the gorgeous island of Naifaru. I’ve learnt so much on this trip, stuff about the sea life that I never knew before. Why and how […]

Sven Vallely (Australia) - Teaching Assistant

Sven Vallely (Australia) – Teaching Assistant

During my four week stay in Naifaru, I participated as a teaching assistant with Atoll volunteers: a subsidiary of Naifaru Juvenile who is an active NGO working in Naifaru (which is a good assurance that you are legitimately contributing to the community!). As a teaching assistant, I primarily lead and assisted Physics classes in Higher […]