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Harshdeep Garcha (UK) – Teaching Assistant

Teaching has never been something I have ever thought of as a career, but because of my experience on Naifaru I hope that in the future I will be able to teach in some capacity. I was only there for three short weeks, but in that time I was able to have hands on experience handling classrooms, organising lessons, creating rapports with students and getting involved in the wider community. I do not regret making the decision to volunteer with Atoll Volunteers one bit, and loved seeing a different, more authentic side to the Maldives.

The students at the school can be quite challenging, but I love a challenge. I mainly dealt with A-level Maths and Biology students but was allowed to get involved with a variety of classes of different age groups. The syllabus taught here is internationally recognised and most students have an excellent grasp of English.

The island is full of friendly people and I felt completely safe whilst staying there. I recommend you get involved in the community, and enjoy all the good parts about living on an island. I personally played lots of sports with teachers and students including badminton and football. If i wasn’t teaching, sleeping or eating i was most likely snorkeling which I did almost daily. The reefs around the island are stunning and if your lucky you might even spot a Manta Ray.
I am surprised about how involved I got in this project, and how much I will miss the experience of getting up and going to teach or assist at the island school. Most of all I will miss the students and teachers whom I created a rapport with and watching the students learn as a result of my time and effort.

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