Sven Vallely (Australia) - Teaching Assistant

Sven Vallely (Australia) – Teaching Assistant

During my four week stay in Naifaru, I participated as a teaching assistant with Atoll volunteers: a subsidiary of Naifaru Juvenile who is an active NGO working in Naifaru (which is a good assurance that you are legitimately contributing to the community!).

As a teaching assistant, I primarily lead and assisted Physics classes in Higher Secondary (Grades 11 & 12) as well as leading the odd secondary class and taking the occasional substitution. The school staff were extremely helpful and flexible allowing me to choose the workload I wished to undertake. The school is very professional and is instituting a high standard of education.

The friendships you will make with the students are priceless. Being such a small community, I would see many of the students I taught and their friends in the street, so before long you become familiar with quite a few of the locals. It was fascinating to interact to with the students, learning of their remarkable and intriguing culture. The small moments with the students were by far the highlight of the trip, taking into account the natural and exotic beauty of the Maldives that we experienced through excursions with Atoll Volunteers. The people of Naifaru are warm and hospitable; experiencing their culture and way of life is an incredibly enriching experience.

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