Sikander Bagwa (India) - Turtle Conservation

Sikander Bagwa (India) – Turtle Conservation

Expect the unexpected they said and that’s what I did and what I got was way more than I’d have ever expected. Straight from my pre departure guidance till reaching the gorgeous island of Naifaru.

I’ve learnt so much on this trip, stuff about the sea life that I never knew before. Why and how we care for the beautiful Green Sea turtles. Getting up every day to feed those babies and watching them playing with water and creating bubbles through their noses and catching them, it was just adorable.

Going on excursion trips to uninhabited Islands and snorkeling with these amazing bunch of people. Snorkeling is something I had never done before but it was like a dream. The sea life is full of pleasant surprises and it’s very picturesque.

Our team of marine biologists were some of the most talented people I’ve ever met. The tireless efforts Bryony and Alice put in to make you feel at home, whilst at the same time educating you, is commendable.

Overall it was an experience of a lifetime. I’ll miss the happy faces, the jokes, breakfast at lushia’s, the marine center, playing heads up and cheers to the governor… and listening to blues while night fishing, even though I didn’t catch a single fish.

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