Medical Placements Volunteer Programme

As in any country, our community depends on receiving high quality healthcare. However, living on a remote island in a developing country means we are faced with numerous challenges. Volunteers are placed within Lhaviyani Atoll Hospital, and get hands on experience in a variety of departments, shadowing our local doctors and nurses. Interacting with our community members, gaining hands on practical skills, and experiencing the unique challenges our medical teams face, provides volunteers with a life changing experience that will not only enhance your professional career, but change your appreciation for medicine. 

  • Work at our local hospital, the Lhaviyani Atoll Hospital, shadowing a doctor/nurse to gain international medical experience.
  • As a volunteer you have the option of gaining training in a variety of specialisms including: dentistry, nursing, midwifery, paediatricians, anaesthetists and GP training.
  • Immerse yourself into the community and accompany a doctor on ‘home visits’.
  • Gain valuable practical skills to enhance your medical career and broaden your perspective.
  • It’s not all work and no play, weekly excursions including snorkelling, visiting uninhabited islands, camping, BBQs etc. offer some much needed rest time.
  • Due to our other volunteer programmes, medical volunteers have the unique option of also helping out in our Marine Centre with our rescued and injured turtles!
Location Naifaru Island, Maldives
Start Dates Thursdays or Saturdays every week
Duration 2 - 12 weeks
We recommend at least 3 weeks
Requirements • You have a degree in a related field (E.g nursing/medicine)
• You have an open mind towards other cultures
• You are driven towards helping people
• You can be flexible and assist in various community-building programmes on our island
• You are willing to help develop our community
• You are minimum 18 years old

Volunteer Role: What will I be doing?

Lhaviyani Atoll Hospital is based in Naifaru, the largest city in the atoll, with a population of over 6000. The hospital has a general ward, as well as a maternity ward servicing over 11 000 local people from all around the Lhaviyani Atoll. With modern facilities and qualified professionals on hand to teach you valuable skills, this is a must for all students seeking to gain international experience during their degree, or for qualified professionals looking to enhance their career and gain a different perspective. Volunteers will gain the chance to explore the local culture as they assist GP’s with house-visits learning about cultural attitudes to medicine. We work closely with the hospital to ensure volunteers gain the most from their experience, so whether you seek; dentistry experience, nursing, midwifery, pediatrics, anesthetists, or GP training, we will work to ensure you get the most out of your experience! Our volunteers usually work in the hospital 6 days a week, from 9am till 1pm, however, this is very flexible, and can be decreased or increased as requested by the volunteer on as case by case basis. 

Volunteer Testimonials

“The experience I have gained gave me the a whole perspective of the different aspects of medicine and healthcare within Naifaru...I would advise everybody I know to come and carry out the medical volunteering here and experience the real Maldives in Naifaru.”

Harriet Stone, Medical Placement Volunteer, 2017

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Why are volunteers needed on this project?

Being a small island community we need volunteers with international experience and training to come into our hospital and help improve patient care. In addition, you will work with locals to conduct events promoting public health awareness in the Maldives. Your international experience and outlook is vital for rethinking and improving public health across the Atoll. You have the chance to really change our community for the better.

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Where will I be living?

Accomodation is provided in our local guesthouse; Aqua Inn. We have single-sex shared bedrooms, usually with 2 people per room, although private accommodation is also available for additional cost. All rooms are en-suite and come equipped with a private bathroom. The house has free WiFi and a communal living area with sofas, TV, books, a fridge and a kettle, and soon feels like home, a great place to relax after a rewarding day in the Marine Centre! Your accommodation is included in the programme fee. More information on Aqua Inn can be found here.

Free Time & Excursions

We organize one excursion off the island per week, normally on a Saturday, but the day may vary depending on weather/availability. We go on a variety of exciting excursions around the Lhaviyani Atoll, and always take into account what you as a volunteer would like to do with your time. Examples of some of the excursions include a: resort day trip, snorkeling trips, overnight camping trips, night fishing trips, BBQs or visits to uninhabited islands. Volunteers may also get the chance to go on reef surveys of the neighboring islands with our marine team.

During your free time on the island, we encourage volunteers to get in the sea as much as possible and take photos of the marine life and islands. We snorkel around our island's reefs most afternoons, play cards, play volleyball, go crab catching, have movie nights, and through it all, make life long friends. We have a wonderful little community here and there is some fantastic sights and scenery to take in as you walk around our island. Due to our other volunteer programmes, including our marine programme, medical volunteers get the unique opportunity to experience Marine Conservation as well, if they so wish.

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What’s included?

- 24/7 support from our volunteer coordinator
- Pre-arrival information about your programme, organization and environment
- VISA application on your behalf so it is ready for you on arrival
- We book local accommodation and organize airport pickup

- In-country transportation between Male and Naifaru either via ferry or speedboat
- Accommodation on Naifaru
- 3 meals a day
- 1 excursion/week
- 24/7 support from our volunteer coordinator

- In-country transportation from Naifaru to Male either via ferry or speedboat
- Certificate of competency
- Lifetime of memories
- Discount of 20% if you decide to come again


In order to volunteer in our medical programme, you would need to come to the Maldives on a Business visa.

In order to qualify for a Business you would need to provide:

  • A prove of degree in a related field (e.g nursing)
  • A color scan copy of your passport
  • A passport sized photo (less than 3 months old and at least 300 dpi)
  • A medical report (we will provide the necessary forms to be completed by your doctor)
  • A police report (less than 6 months old)
  • A completed and signed vetting form (we will provide the form to be filled out.)

If you are in doubt if you qualify or not, send us an e-mail and we will help clear it up.

In order to secuire the visa, we would need this information 2 months prior to arrival. It is possible to apply later than 2 months prior to arrival, but in that case, we will not be held responsible if the visa is not ready.


2 weeks Not Available
3 weeks $1868
4 weeks $2474
6 weeks $3586
8 weeks $4648
10 weeks $5660
12 weeks $6722
Become a volunteer in the Maldives, provide care for those in need, learn from our doctors and the different culture. You can educate local people about the best ways to avoid ill health.

You can check out where your money goes in the fees section and check out special offers in the discount section.

All fees are shown in USD and are exclusive of the administration fee of $200.00, Bank Transfer fee $25 and Insurance fee $40 (business visa only). Your fee covers in country transfers, accommodation in Naifaru, 3 meals a day, activities and a weekly excursion. We find volunteers spend very little additional money whilst with us. Without these funds, we would not be able to continue our community outreach projects. 

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Contact our Volunteer Coordinator for more information or if you have any specific questions. We aim to reply within 24 hours.

Visit our FAQs to see if we can solve your query, if not feel free to email us and we will help in any way we can


"There are very few places and people I actively miss - this however, is top of my list and I don’t want to leave!"

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