Botany & Gardening

Do you enjoy working with plants and gardening? Would you like an opportunity to work with tropical plants whilst meeting a lot of new and exciting people?

Then Naifaru is the place to be! On our sun swashed island there are rich opportunities to work with tropical plants in all shapes and forms… And we welcome volunteers!

Programme Description

We are working on improving the beauty of our island by establishing public green areas where people can meet and socialise. The island of Naifaru is seeing a lot of construction and development in these years, but too often green areas are left out of these plans, leaving people to meet and gather in uninviting areas as open squares or sports areas (football or volleyball courts). We wish to change this and make the community of Naifaru a greener and more welcoming one!

Of course making green areas require one important element: someone to plan, plant and care for the plants needed and educate the island community on future care and management.

As our resident botanist/gardener, you will be tasked with doing trips to nearby uninhabited islands to collect and bring home trees and samples to be planted throughout the island. Your main focus will be on our public parks which are our first priority!

You will be working closely with community representatives as well as other local and international volunteers such as our volunteers in construction, grant writing/fund raising and community organising.

The exact projects you will be working on will be determined prior to and upon your arrival in collaboration with Atoll Volunteers staff and local community representatives. Once a project has been agreed upon, you will be given relatively free reigns to plan and execute it.

Finally, our botanist/gardener programme also has a branch that focuses on building awareness in terms of growing and treating household vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce and spinach etc.

Project History

Having run community-based projects for more than ten years, we are highly respected in the community and have good ties with the important members of this community and those of our neighbouring islands. As such, we have achieved a well-founded network and are able to mobilise many sectors of our community to assist in our projects. This is no less true for our gardening projects than our other programmes.

We have previously been able to engage large groups of people to our projects, but they lack the knowledge required to establish and maintain gardens/parks. This has been true both for the larger projects as well as household initiatives.

We have previously had great success with greenhouse projects and are eager to improve our commitment through these projects as well.


All that we require from you in order to volunteer as our botanist/gardener is that

– You have some knowledge and experience in the field of botany/gardening

– You are driven and passionate towards wanting to make a difference

– You are open-minded and willing to work with people from a variety of cultures

– You are willing to commit yourself to helping our community!

Please be advised that itineraries will be varied and should be discussed with your Volunteer Coordinator before arrival so that we can plan the activities you may wish to be a part of. Your activities will depend upon the focus of the programme at the time of your visit as well as your own skills and experience.