Kanma (Mohamed Ahmed)

"I have always aspired to helping my local community and improving the quality of life here in Naifaru in any way I can. Co-founding Atoll Volunteers has been a difficult but truly worthwhile journey and my dream has become a reality. Volunteers bring interesting and valuable experiences and expertise that have been integral in achieving this dream and making island life even more enjoyable."

Nattu (Abdul Raheem Nashid)

"Having the opportunity to express my creativity through Maldives Originals, while helping my local community is something I find very fulfilling. I am excited to continue this work in the future."


Marine Biologist

"When you have a big dream, you have to be willing to sacrifice, but there is no sacrifice too great when you are working for a big dream - it is happiness. 
All we have is this life, and we live it in this incredible place called Planet Earth. The Maldives is a little piece of it, where there is amazing biodiversity, hugely impacted by anthropogenic activities locally and globally. Decreasing our anthropogenic impact is not a choice, it is our responsibility."


cath atoll volunteers

Volunteer Coordinator

"Every day I fall more and more in love with this place - the laid back lifestyle, the friendly & interesting people, the incredible out of this world experiences, the unique setting...It's the Real Maldives and I'm glad to be here, helping people discover the beauty of this island and the vital work of the NGO. To help the team fight against the plight of the turtles, keep this marine environment clean & healthy and build a better future for the people of Naifaru is an absolute joy and honour."


Marine Biologist

"Working with Atoll Volunteers allows me to work closely with marine life while experiencing new cultures. The Maldives has amazing marine life which is under threat from both climate change and anthropogenic influences. Seeing the effects of this first hand is shocking yet motivating , to ensure I help to make a difference on my short stay here."