Natalie Sjosvard (UK) - Music Teacher

Natalie Sjosvard (UK) – Music Teacher

Naifaru and Atoll Volunteers will forever have a special place in my heart; the life here is full of such rich culture and has left me with an experience I will never forget.

I spent 4 weeks in Naifaru developing my skills and love for music by teaching the community in various music teaching avenues, from teaching theory to the school band, private piano/keyboard lessons and teaching music to a small group of youths at the community center. My favorite part about my project was that I decided to put on a community concert with the group of youths, and seeing them after only 3 weeks of learning how to play, get up on stage and dazzle the island with their own songs and new skills. It was also great to learn about their local music culture, I even played the Bodu Beru (in English Big Drum) which is the base for their music.

The scenes are fantastic, beautiful blue seas, white sands and the sunsets are just out of this world. The weekly excursions added a whole new level of excitement to my trip where we snorkeled at a shipwreck, and visited uninhabited islands an experience you will never find anywhere else.

The locals are so friendly and cannot do enough to help you, such a relaxed and peaceful environment full of colour and laughter – I would recommend this volunteer experience to everyone it really is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

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