Kuredu Resort Day

Part of Atoll Volunteers’ mantra is that the Maldives is more than just luxurious resorts, which is true! However the luxurious resorts are also pretty great sometimes. Volunteers can get the opportunity to go spend the day at the nearby Kuredu resort during their stay. It is rare that everyone gets to go together as it is logistically difficult. This time though, everyone was able to join for an excursion day and we all had a really lovely day.

The beginning of days at Kuredu can be a little difficult, as we will get the staff ferry from Naifaru at 5 am! I was driven by excitement and was behaving similar to that of a child on Christmas morning, which may have been annoying for my sleepy peers. The ferry journey is calm and relaxing, and gives you the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful sunrise. Once you arrive in Kuredu, you hit the buffet breakfast. Maldivian breakfasts are delicious, but all you can eat chocolate chip pancakes, eggs and pastries are really fantastic too.
After breakfast, we went and found sunbeds for a little rest and relaxation. The past month has been very busy at Atoll Volunteers and the marine centre, so we were all in need of a sunbathing session. This did not last too long, as you will find, it is difficult to keep us out of the water for too long, if there is snorkeling available, snorkeling will be done. Kuredu is particularly enjoyable, it is similar to that of King Kong’s island, everything is double the size it is everywhere else. Parrot fish are huge and it is almost impossible to go snorkeling and not find an adult green turtle. With the help of the Marine Biologist, Ben, I am attempting to improve my free diving skills. Watching him and Fanny (are other marine biologist) is very impressive, they can reach 25-30 metres. I however have made it to just over 10 and that was a big enough accomplishment for me. Free diving is all about relaxing and controlling your breathing, some people will do yoga to improve their skills. Unfortunately I have never been all that good at relaxing, and I will have to get a better grip of that before my diving improves.
After snorkeling, we preceded to play some games. My ability at pool varies hugely, and this day was not a particularly good day. I was on the winning team both times though, so even if I did not bring skill, maybe I brought good luck. After this the swimming pool antics started, we had a three woman tower, well two and a half, our intern Thuhu, is very small. We also attempted a human pyramid, but did not really manage it. I wish we had video evidence of our attempts, but because everyone had to participate, there was no one free to hold a camera.
Getting the chance to have a few cocktails in the sun is also very lovely and the ice creams are amazing! I had oreo with honeycomb, I would have gone for a second if time had allowed.
We all spend a lot of time together, but it is really great to get out together and do fun activities. This is an amazing bunch of people, who I have a lot of fun with and I wouldn’t trade them for anyone. We are very thankful to get the opportunity to go to Kuredu and enjoy some luxuries.


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