Environmental Education & Waste Awareness Coordinator (Opening TBA)

We are looking for a dedicated soul to manage the daily management of our Environmental Education and Waste Awareness Programme!

Naifaru, and the Maldives in general, has a significant problem with regards to its waste and lacks suitable national and local waste management schemes. Their only practiced procedure is currently dumping and burning. Littering is a commonplace activity with rubbish being thrown into the sea, left on beaches and discarded in the streets. Sewage is not treated and is released into the ocean. Changing their mindset is integral to solving this problem.

Taking on the position as our Environmental Education and Waste Awareness Coordinator is not just a retreat to a nice sunny tropical island (although you will get ample opportunity to experience that as well) as you will be given the responsibility to ensure that the organisation runs smoothly and effectively. We expect a disciplined person who can manage his/her time responsibly and keep a healthy balance between work and fun.

We attract volunteers from all over the world and from different backgrounds and you will interact with these on a daily basis and have to ensure that they have a good and meaningful stay with us. You will also get to work closely with our many local volunteers, and you have a chance to form great friendships in the local and welcoming populace of Naifaru.

Project Description

The daily running of our Marine Conservation programme is coordinated by our two resident marine biologists. Our work currently covers three main areas; namely turtle rehabilitation & care; coral gardening and awareness. These first two areas are proceeding well and developing quickly with new projects and aspects of the marine programme also being added.

We have commitments to the United Nations Development Programme, GEF-Small Grants Programme (UNDP GEF-SGP) based on funding received. These commitments cover coral gardening and environmental awareness. Because the programme is expanding, we seek to sponsor a new intern. This position will revolve around waste management and environmental awareness. You will be interacting with local inhabitants, children and international volunteers. These volunteers will assist you in conducting awareness events and classes and this aspect of their programme will be your responsibility.


As the Environmental Education and Waste Awareness Coordinator your key responsibilities will be:

– Planning and implementing awareness* activities and events involving the community

– Planning and conducting weekly awareness classes with the school’s nature club

– Fulfilling funding commitments with regards to waste management (e.g. recycling and composting initiatives)

– Corresponding with neighbouring islands, NGO’s and resorts

– Writing monthly summaries and quarterly progress reports on the development of the programme with regards to waste and environmental education

– You may be called upon by our marine biologists to assist with other projects and initiatives if your schedule allows.

*Awareness covers topics such as waste management, environmental care, conservation and endangered marine life.


To apply for this position, it is crucial that you have experience in teaching and interacting with people of all ages. Other requirements are:

– You are able to research and teach scientific concepts and theory related to biology, conservation and waste management.

– An Earth Science degree is desirable. However, if you have a scientific or teaching background to speak for your general knowledge in these areas, then please do send us your application.

– You must be able to work independently but also in a team. There will be volunteers on-site, but it will be your responsibility to manage and meet the deadlines of this aspect of the programme.

– You should be creative and driven as you will be given the freedom to shape the programme as long as it falls within the boundaries of our overall strategies.

– A minimum commitment of 3 months is necessary (with the possibility of extension).

What’s in it for you?

Whether you are an experienced professional looking for a sabbatical or a student looking for experience, we guarantee that interning in this programme will be both a learning experience and a lot of fun!

By becoming our new Environmetal Education and Waste Awareness Coordinator, you will be able to truly make a difference where it matters!

By joining our team of local and international volunteers you will gain a unique opportunity to help our community by providing us with good management and joining us means that you will gain a lot of practical experience as well as being given the opportunity to bring in your own views and ideas to our organisation and projects.

Becoming our Environmental Education and Waste Awareness Coordinator will grant you a unique chance to experience life in the ‘real’ Maldives, outside the crowded and expensive tourist resorts! On our island there are just over 5000 inhabitants so expect to be living in a small island community where everyone knows everyone and where you are bound to be welcomed with open arms and a sense of hospitality which is rare in this world!

With an amazing environment and equally amazing community unlike most other places in the world, our dedicated local and international volunteers as well as local school staff and our great efforts to make our volunteers feel at home, you will never be bored!

All work and no fun!?

Don’t worry. It’s not all work. There’s time for fun as well! In fact we do what we can to engage our volunteers in social activities on the weekends. For instance, we arrange weekly boat trips to neighbouring islands to enjoy the sun, swim, snorkel, fish or just kick back and relax.

You will never forget your time in Naifaru. There are constantly things going on everywhere around you, and everywhere you are met with open arms and a friendly face. Don’t just take our word for it; take the time to wander down one of the many intricate side alleys and experience first-hand how there is a very special atmosphere, unlike any you will find anywhere in the world. Guaranteed!

We could go on about the splendors of living in a friendly, remote island community in the Indian Ocean, but really, it has to be experienced to get the true feeling of island life!

The best time of your life awaits you in Naifaru. Don’t just sit there! Join us and change your life and those of our community!


The next opening is to be announced!